Idea for another novel: A Prequel

Of course, I won't take action on this Idea from my Dark Corner until Aundes Aura is finished and at least in the revision stage. Back in my first post I mentioned an Idea for a story where a Queen causes a King to fall from grace.

I recently decided, if I could flesh this out, it could be a prequel to Aundes Aura called "Three Bridges" (as Parthon has three bridges). The King was a ruler of Parthon 700 years ago, when it is said the Great War of the Gods took place. He experiences this war.

These are the bare, bare bones: The King of Parthon lives in the castle with his son; his successor to the Throne. The Queen of Meira comes to the city to meet with the King. During her stay, she poisons the prince and frames the King. The people hate him. He leaves the city and lives in the forest nearby, watching it like a friend he can see but can't speak to. By a rule instated by the King, his brother becomes King. At the end of the novel, the city is marched on by Meira. Two of the bridges are destroyed so the city's army cannot flank, and will be easily overrun, and the Meiraan army closes in. There are three Auras in use on both sides. That's why it is the Great War of the Gods.

The King is trying to rebuild his reputation for most of the novel, but when he finally regains his status and his brother is relieved of the Throne (he had been working with the Queen -- death by treason?), the Great War breaks out and the King is forced to act on it (Lead the army? Could this prove his loyalty more?).

Any thoughts on the prequel idea? Is the plot interesting enough?

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Terreur Nocturne said...

It's interesting but does the queen have to do something evil? I've never even met the woman but for some reason I already see her as nice... Maybe the King could make a mistake (we are human), such as some kind of mortal sin (if his religion is somilar to Christianity). Then again, it is always your story, so you must decide.

Ryan Sullivan said...

Well, I could go closer to Macbeth and the King could be corrupt, crazy, but doesn't know it. And he is so sure of himself that he can prove it to the city, and he kills the Queen (secretly), and then realises that it was him, a realisation.

Is that too much of a tragedy? Or too Macbeth-like?

Terreur Nocturne said...

Macbeth is incredible and referencing it would be ok. It's a little different for a guy to kill the queen so it's not too Macbethish. I like the use of variations of 'realise'. Nice sentence...
A few points though: Would he return from fallen grace if he was crazy? Would anyone except an insane person in their society? Would he be trusted not to do it again?
Tragedy is one of many spices of life and people love to hear it: Drama sells.

Ryan Sullivan said...

Okay, so:
- The King *believes* that the Queen killed the Prince.
- He *believes* he was framed and exiled unjustly.
- We also believe this, until it is discreetly revealed, or not so discreetly depending on how good I am.
- He is so convinced that he is right that he manages to convince the city he is right (whom don't really know who did it).
- Back in his position, he secretly murders the Queen in revenge, and at that point he realises what he has done - killed two royal blood family members.

Terreur Nocturne said...

Nice comeback! Does anybody find out eventually? Perhaps yet another novel in the making...

Ryan Sullivan said...

Perhaps, haha.
"Nice comeback"... me or the King?

Terreur Nocturne said...

No, you. I had spotted the worst of the worst for writers: Plot Holes and you defended yourself quite nicely. A round of applause is due.
Clap. Clap.
And I'm done :)

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