On Hectic Weekends

This weekend was a hectic one. Leisurely, but full. On Friday I prepared mentally for the Deb which would be taking place on Saturday. I went to bed that night, and then half an hour after waking up in the morning, I left for the Deb. Following a decidedly dull after-party, I didn't return home until 4:00am today. I was tired, so I went to sleep. This morning, half an hour after waking up, I had to drive (on my learner's permit, with my mum in the passenger seat) to Fountain Gate to return the formal attire we had hired. Then we continued to the shopping centre where I bought two books (Magician and Silverthorn, by Raymond E. Feist). We then watched a movie and returned home. Since then I've browsed the internet, eaten dinner and browsed the internet some more.

Perhaps my lack of doing anything constructive in the last hours before my return to school for the week is my way of rebooting after a hectic weekend (it was hectic for me, okay?).


This means that the last two days on which I haven't written, as well as today, means I should be writing 600 words. And I would probably do that.

If it weren't 11:30pm.

I think at the least I could write my 200 words so they don't stack up, and carry the other 400 over to another day.

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