Going back to school always hits hard

I would have blogged yesterday, but I as a couple of you may know, I was up literally all night with no sleep trying to complete much-should've-done homework. Likewise, I was unable to get any writing done on Aundes Aura.

Luckily, I am up to a "good part", so when I sat down today with the intention of writing 200+ for today, as well as 200+ to make up for yesterday, the words came easily. My overall aim was thus for 400+ for the night.

400+ was quite the understatement.

I wrote 719 words in one session. I wrote for 20 minutes using Wod, but apart from that it was all MS Word.

I believe I said I wanted chapter two to be somewhere between 3,000 and 3,500 words. If I were to die for going outside that range, I would be quite dead right now. The chapter's current count is 4,423, and it's not quite finished.

Is that too big a leap from Chapter One's 2,800 words?

If you would kindly look at the Aundes Aura progress meter in my sidebar, you will notice it's looking much, much friendlier!

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zellakate said...

Yay for the epic writing session! Some days it just flows like that. :)

How did the all-nighter go? I should have stayed up last night to read a Samuel Beckett play and didn't. So I tried to quickly read it this morning. I am afraid my quiz grade reflected that. :D

Ryan Sullivan said...

On the night, I managed to get the Lit essay on Donne's 'The Flea', but only got about half a page done on my "TKaMB" essay. At school at lunchtime I proceeded to write a further half-page, and in class before the teacher took it up I wrote a sort-of conclusion.

I didn't manage to make any notes on the other poems we were supposed to read, but my teacher didn't seem horribly displeased. I was just glad to hand in my nice, shiny attempt at a poetry analysis essay.

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