A Motivational Poem

I randomly decided to write this somewhere on the CC forums. This was a completely improvised poem, and as a non-poet, I'm proud of it. Let me know what you think!

An E'erlasting Day

And so we are here,

A third through the year

We'll strive to aim high,

For the half-point is nigh

And if we do fail,

We'll trod 'round and flail,

(Then) look epically into the sky

But if what does work,

Does continue so

Why continue not,

(But) to meet a new low?

Keep what is good,

Cut what is bad

Make it the best,

That anyone had

Strive for the goal,

Reach a new high

Rest if you must,

But look to the sky

We'll strive to aim high,

For a new day is nigh


An e'erlasting day will not die

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