Every Thousand Words: An Introduction

I've decided to begin a series of post in which I simply state the word that is the thousandth whenever I write it, each thousand. Then I also give the paragraph for context (with perhaps censoring for evil spoilers).

So, to kick it off, here we go!

~ One Thousand ~
The Word: "be"
The Paragraph:
Saera stopped him. She pulled him around so he was looking directly into her eyes. “Loosen up? When I am safe, that is when I will loosen up. My life is in danger now. Who knows when the Aura will reveal itself next? It could be when I’m training. It could "be" when I’m eating dinner.” Saera let go of Eoin’s shoulders. “You do remember what would happen to me if someone were to discover I have it, don’t you?”

~ Two Thousand ~
The Word: "around"
The Paragraph:
Saera raised her head and turned "around". “What’s he doing here?” she whispered as he crossed the church hall.

~ Three Thousand ~
The Word: "didn't"
The Paragraph:
Eoin stepped out of the trees and back into the field where people were now assembling. Eoin joined Saera at the centre of the group, near the pile of sticks. People who Eoin didn’t know patted him on the back and apologised for his loss. He "didn’t" understand why people so often apologised for things that weren’t their fault. It never made anything better.

~ Four Thousand ~
The Word: "Eoin"
The Paragraph:
When he had gone back upstairs, Eoin examined the room again. Shelves hung around each side of the room, covered with flasks, vials and test tubes of an array of different colours. Strange utensils hung on hooks all over the walls, and "Eoin" couldn’t even imagine what any of them would be used for. He was overwhelmed by the variety of things in the room, things he had never seen before. He wished he could rip them from the walls and experiment with them himself, but just then the alchemist returned.

~ Five Thousand ~
The Word: "like"
The Paragraph:
“It’s just that the majority of people don’t "like" being wet, so the windows up high make them happy.”
“I’m sick of the majority,” said Eoin. “All they do is ruin everything for the minority.”

~ Six Thousand ~
The Word: "ever"
The Paragraph:
Faine walked off, humming a tune Eoin knew well from his childhood. A tune his father used to hum. A shiver ran down Eoin’s spine. He remembered being tucked into bed, humming along with his father before drifting into his dreams. It was the strangest thing to hear the tune now his father was gone. It had only "ever" been him and Eoin who knew it. So how did Faine know it?

~ Seven Thousand ~
The Word: "was"
The Paragraph:
Eoin took a step. He stopped. He looked around his village. Fire was everywhere. No. Not here. Not now. Not his home. But the streets were still filled with people going about their daily lives. They didn’t care. He tried to tell them to leave, that it "was" dangerous here, but no words came. Saera stood next to him. In one hand she held a bow. In the other, a fiery arrow. She said something to him. No sound came from her mouth, but he knew what she had said. "Are you all right?"

~ Eight Thousand ~
The Word: "we"
The Paragraph:
Faine pulled up ahead next to a large rock. When Eoin and Saera had caught up to him, he said, ""We" shall rest here. We didn't get near enough sleep last night."

~ Nine Thousand ~
The Word: "food"
The Paragraph:
Faine scratched his neck. "I need the money to buy "food" and water, and to repair things, and tend to my weapons."

From here on in, every time I pass another thousand word milestone, I will give the word and paragraph under the title "Every Thousand Words".

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